Tuesday, 8 January 2013

January 2013, New Year, New Focus...

My goodness, its been some time since I have blogged, but to be honest I wasn't very consistent to begin with. :)  Well, its a new year, a new beginning, a clean slate, a time to reflect on the past, a time to focus on the coming year, a time to make goals.  

On a personal note, I have to say 2012 was a pretty good year for me and my family.  We had many great 'adventures', lots of laughter and our home was always filled with love.   This year we expect more great 'adventures' and exploring of the world around us, many more laughs and yes, plenty of family hugs & a house filled with love.

On the jewelry business side, I had a good year.  This month makes 2 years since I started to design and hand-make jewelry.  I have certainly enjoyed it, even when I have hit a creative brick wall, and I have seen my improvements over the 2 years.  I have been very fortunate to have met and become friends with many wonderful people in the last 2 years.  I also have been privileged to have some of my designs featured in Bead Trends Magazine.  (Below is a collage of my published work in 2012.) 

 In 2013, I have decided to make only one true goal for myself personally and professionally, to be happy & content.  I'm always grateful for what I have, I have learned what mountains vs. mole hills are,  I feel like the luckiest person alive for the people I have in my life, but I have always struggled with feeling content.  I am learning that I don't need to be the showiest, center stage type.   I just plan on living my life for me and letting go of what I think I should be.  I think I'm a pretty good person, maybe plain and simple to some, but its who I am.  I'm a Mommy, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a friend, occasional runner, gardener, camper, explorer, jewelry designer and just plain old Traci. In the end, I'm happy to be 'plain old Traci', I know I'm loved by many and look forward to what will be in the coming year.

May your year be filled with lots of great 'adventures'.

All the best,

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