Sunday, 13 January 2013

Photography, trying to get it right...

So, I've been doing jewelry design for 2 years, but have always kind just got by with the photography end of it.  I'm going to try to get it right this year.  Christmas 2011 my hubby bought me a great photo light studio.  The photo booth is great, but again, I have just not taken this photography seriously, so the pictures are still so so.  

Today, I decided I would take a trip to our local home renovations store and buy a nice floor tile to use as a base for my jewelry.  I'm trying to standardize my pictures for listings, make the details of my work show off instead of the background.  This evening I had plenty of jewelry to photograph and all in all, I'm pretty pleased.   Here are some of the fruits of my labor this evening;

I just love that floor tile I bought, kind of wishing I could put that down in my kitchen and hall, but somehow, I'm thinking its not in the budget.  All I could afford was 1 tile ($5 for a 12"X12" tile = ouch to the pocketbook)  :(

Anyway, hoping this new tile brings me some luck in the photo booth for many months to come. 

All the best,

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