Thursday, 2 February 2012

Laryngitis leads to CREATIVITY....

I started feeling a bit sniffly on Sunday, thinking I was getting a sinus infection, as I have been prone to those for the last couple of years.  However, by Tuesday evening I knew something else was up.  I'm not one to go to the doctors (willingly) and with taking care of everyone else, who has time?  So, my week has been pretty full (like all other weeks), took my son to school on Monday, ran a bunch of errands, Tuesday took the dog to the eye specialist to be relieved she doesn't have cancer, THEN Tuesday evening... my husband put our son to bed and when he came back downstairs I was sitting on the sofa with my feet up, just trying to relax.  I looked at my DH and told him that I don't have a good feeling about waking up tomorrow, I could feel whatever it is grabbing hold of my throat (my voicebox).  Well, sure enough, woke up Wednesday morning to a sweet little whisper.  "They" say Silence is Golden, but somehow not so much when your trying to communicate with your 4 year old child.  Let's just say there has been a lot of  'What did you say Mommy?" happening.  So be it.  I feel fine otherwise, I just think my voice needed a vacation (I wish it would have taken this body with it though, how unfair). 

What I did not expect with the laryngitis was the little burst of creativity I have felt with it.  My DH took our son to school yesterday (I didn't want to infect anyone) and then DS went for a sleepover at his Nan & PopPop's house last night, this left me with some time to sit down at the bead table.  I was pleasantly surprised to see things come together quickly and with such ease (it shouldn't have been difficult considering all the wonderful goodies that I have been receiving in the post).  Anyway, my thought around this laryngitis and burst of creativity is, MAYBE, just maybe Silence is Golden, you lose one thing and gain another....hmmmm, something to ponder. 

Okay, out of my silence I created 2 pieces, a bracelet and a pair of earrings. 

This bracelet is called Cristallo Tramonto (Italian for Crysal Sunset).  It was created using a beautiful collection of SueBeads in lovely Sunset tones combined with Swarovski Crystals and Antique Brass. 

Colorful, fun and fit for Valentine's Day these earrings are called Red Ruffle Romance.  A couple of months back I requested from Bubby & McGurk ruffled lampwork disc in a variety of colors.  Well, these beautiful red disc spoke to me last night and I combined them with Swarovski Crystals and Antique Brass.  I was quite pleased with the results.

So, as I head into my day of no voice, let me wish you a day of full of wonderful moments and a little creativity.

Take care,


  1. Cute story.Take care and find that creative burst more its a good thing.


  2. Hope you get your voice back soon, I know what it is like to have a little one or two asking you questions all day :) Your pieces are beautiful. I may just have to get some beads from Suebeads, very lovely. Those ruffle beads are great too! I have some black and blue ruffle beads that I have had for awhile that I just may have to use soon.