Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day with my boys....

For us Valentine's Day has always been low-key, nothing over the top.  We have always thought of Valentine's Day as a day that we express a little more of our love to one another, but really why buy into all the chocolate hearts, blah, blah, blah, we know how much we love one another.  This year we actually have started a new tradition and I'm looking forward to it next year and for many more years...

Now, I'm not saying we don't give each other cards or do something a little special for one another, but again, nothing over the top.  We always try to give our son a little gift for the holidays, he truly is the center of our universe. 

Valentine's Day lasted 2 days in our house this year, Monday & Tuesday.  Our little guy had his party at pre-school on Monday, he handed out his CARS Valentine's complete with lollipops, he gave each teacher a handmade Valentine (he was so proud of them) and a pair of earrings made by yours truly.  I also made some cookies for his party, Red & Pink M&M Monster Cookies.  All in all he had a great day on Monday at pre-school.

Tuesday is a day off from pre-school and being that my little guy seems to have a cold we decided to make Valentine's Day a Pajama Day.  We cuddled up on the sofa this morning and watched Lady & the Tramp (one of his Valentine's Day gifts from Mommy & Daddy).

As we were watching Lady & the Tramp I was thinking how fitting this movie was for Valentine's Day.  It was very sweet and I think I enjoyed it more now as an adult than  I did as a child.  Perhaps watching it and seeing how much joy it brought to my little guy made it that much more special. 

My Darling Husband texted me to see if he could bring home some Valentine's Day lunch for us....AND who turns that down??  So, we ended up with some yummy lunch and these fine fellows came along too...

They came for lunch, but they didn't  make it out alive... Yum!

And finally our 'New Valentine's Day Tradition', we had personal size, handmade, heart-shaped pizzas for supper...

When we make homemade pizzas its always such an enjoyable process.  We all gather around the work station and make up our pizzas.  We all chatter on about how our own pizza is going to be the best, but in the end we all agree our darling son's will taste the best. :)  I highly recommend heart-shaped pizzas not just for Valentine's Day, but anytime.  Its super fun and gives whimsy to a meal for your kiddo's.

Well, there it is our Valentine's Day wrapped up in Lady & the Tramp, Chocolate covered Strawberries and Heart-Shaped Pizza's.  Yes, I think it was a fine Valentine's Day indeed.

Many blessings,

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