Saturday, 28 January 2012

Taking a chance, getting published...

When I started playing with beads in January 2011 I truly did not expect to take it too far.  I bought some cheap-O beads from Walmart and played around with stringing while my DH was working late nights.  It was something to do to kill time.   I certainly never imagined I would sale any of my pieces, but as I started following more accomplished beaders on Facebook I was feeling more compelled to look deeper into this world of beading.  I fell in love, bad. 

I started ordering some fantastic artisan components.  I soon became a regular customer at my local bead shop, picture the TV show Cheers, but only when I walk in they shout Traci!, yes sometimes you got to go where everyone knows your name.  I have become a regular order on some of the etsy sites.  Yes, my bead boxes have started to become embarrassing in quantity (NOT).  When the mail comes I always look for parcel mail and feel quite disappointed when there isn't a beady goodness parcel addressed to me.  My name is Traci and I am addicted to beads.

With all these grand beads and components, I was well on my way to figuring things out.  I wanted to have more and more, learn more and more.  I'm pretty sure I threw my folks for a loop when my birthday rolled around and I asked for a steel ring mandrel and hammer.  I was determined to teach myself how to make rings and I did.  I have been self-teaching myself and have learned how to wire wrap beads, string beads (properly) and try to be experimental with techniques, but I know it will forever be a learning process. 

As 2011 progressed and I started reading Bead Trends magazine I felt an urge to try submitting my work for consideration, but I was still timid.  All those swirling self-doubt questions we all have just kept me from proceeding.  Finally, after receiving some great positive reinforcement from my DH and some beading friends I went for it.  I sent in 3 pieces for consideration for the February 2012 issue of Bead Trends.  I pressed the send button on each email submission and immediately felt like I needed a TUMS.  It was going to be a long couple of weeks waiting to hear back from them, if I was going to hear back from them.  Well, I did hear back from them and they wanted 2 of my 3 submissions!  I remember feeling light-headed, excited and then the nerves kicked in again...OH NO! now A LOT of people are going to see my work.   What have I done??  Well, with butterflies swirling in my stomach I mailed off my pieces to Bead Trends and have been waiting months to see my very first published pieces beautifully photographed by Northridge Publishing.

This bracelet is called 'Wish'.  It features an altered art 'Wish' charm by J-Lynn Jewels, Dragon's Egg Faceted Czech Glass Beads, Silk Ribbon, Antique Brass chain and a Antique Brass Filigree Toggle Clasp.

These earrings are called 'Medusa's Trance'.  They feature Boro Lampwork Beads by SeaShore Glass, Glass Pearls, Glass Faceted Beads and lots of Antique Brass.

I feel very honored and blessed to be published in Bead Trends.  I admire many of the designers who are featured in this magazine and am tickled to be included in and amongst them.  Although I find great joy in submitting my creations for publication and even more joy in being accepted, I certainly do not take it for granted or feel it is a necessity for me to continue on as a jewelry designer.  I will continue to design and submit pieces and feel very fortunate as I watch where this adventure takes me.

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  1. Congratulations, Traci! I am so excited for you.

  2. wow Traci! gorgeous. Go YOU!! congratulations.

    I’m blog hopping and visiting all the bead soup participants. Can’t wait to see the big reveals.

    ♥ tejae