Saturday, 14 January 2012

3 more sleeps....

Well, I kind of wish I was saying 3 more sleeps until Disney World or Hawaii or something fun like that, but our 3 more sleeps means that we will no longer be living in this house.  As I look forward to a new beginning in our new home, I have great moments of sadness leaving our current residence.  This house is just a house and a home is where your heart & family are, but we did have a lot of great experiences here and for those reasons leaving sometimes makes me sad.  Our greatest joy was bringing our son home from the hospital to this house and of course we built this house almost 8 years ago, so every inch oozes our hand-picked choices. 

We've also had some great sadness while living in this house and for some of those reasons I am quite sad about leaving this house too.

As the last few days come to a close in this house I am becoming more emotional.  There have been days this week that I should have been home packing, but instead planned outings with my son just for self-preservation and the sheer enjoyment of spending some quality time with my son.

I have been anxiously picking up the mail the last several days (looking for bead stashes) and on Thursday we received a letter from the new owner of our house.  Yes, this through me for a tailspin.  I had to read the envelope 3 times to just confirm that we were being contacted directly by the new owner.  I found this peculiar and in my somewhat paranoid way didn't want to open the envelope for fear they were going to ask for something else.  However, I opened the envelope to find a smiley face card and a hand-written note from the 'new' lady of the house. :)  She was quite kind with her words and very much wanted us to know that our home was beautiful and after looking at over 30 homes our home was the only one that fit for cleanliness & comfort for her young children.  She wished us the best in our future, BUT she also said that if there was anything we wanted that we forgot to add to the exclusions that we could feel free to contact them.  This really left the door open...

Remember, I said earlier we also had some great sadness in this home, well, in our backyard we planted a small ornamental spruce tree in memory of a baby we lost (prior to my beautiful blessing of a son).  Unfortunately, due to winter weather and the fact that it has been planted there since 2005 we didn't include it in our exclusions.  Anyone who really knows our story knows that leaving that particular plant has been gut-wrenching for me.  So, after speaking with our realtor and explaining to him recent going on's I am leaving a return note for the new owners.  I will wish them all the happiness in the world in their new home, I will also be leaving a small request that if they ever think they are going to take out that small ornamental spruce tree out to please contact our realtor, as I will take that plant with me in a heartbeat. 

Thank you new owners for being so understanding and treating us like humans on the other end of this transaction.

Well, with the end of this chapter a new one will be starting and out of my sadness will come great happiness.  I have Faith in God that he is leading us in the direction we are meant to go and I have Hope that our days will be filled with more love & happiness beyond anything we can imagine.

All the best,


  1. It is such a touching story Traci...and even though I heard it when you explained your Christmas Light picture from our photo challenge showing off that pretty Spruce - it warmed my heart to hear it again. Sad things happen - and although those feelings are always a part of you - it's nice to know that you have been blessed in many other ways. Change brings both happy and sad feelings when you move - but I have every confidence that you are going to love a lot of all your new changes <3 - big hugs and I hope that you are wearing that bracelet and gets lot of comfort out of it :)
    Love ya,

    1. Thank you for your kind words Janice. Yes, I am quite blessed in so many ways and I have a beautiful son that means more than anything in this world to me.

      The bracelet actually sold before Christmas and I know it went to a good home. :)