Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions....Bah Humbug! ;) And Yay 2012!

I don't like New Year's Resolutions because by the end of January most people seem to forget all the ideas of grandeur they had on New Year's.  I like making 'goals to do better'.  I don't think its a cop out, I think its reality and a way of being less harsh on oneself.  In a world that can beat you down do we really need to say 'I failed at my New Year's Resolution' and beat ourselves up over it.  I think if we strive to be better than it leads to a path a little less harsh and leaves room for failure and surprises!  The key to being better is to pick yourself up, acknowledge the defeat, correct the action and finally leads to the ability to try to do better at the next attempt.   This can pertain to most anything in your life.

My 2011 has been a bag of stress, I am looking at 2012 as a year of BIG positive change.  I looking forward to being a better Mom, better wife, better Traci, better daughter, better sister, better runner, better jewelry designer, better photgrapher, better friend and a better all around human being.  I am looking forward to spending more quality time with my son and my husband without worry about tomorrow.  This upcoming year brings a lot of milestone moments for me, I'm turning 40, my DS is turning 5, my DH & I are celebrating 15 years of wedded bliss, DS starts to kindergarten and fingers crossed my jewelry has some BIG moments too.

I wish you all a year of doing better and being better.  Happy 2012 Everyone!

Here are a few new designs I completed already this year.

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  1. Love these so much! Thank you for making such beautiful designs with my charms.