Thursday, 16 May 2013

Thankful Thursday

There are days that are more trying than others, then there are the days that seem like pure perfection.  Life has a way of balancing itself out even when we don't always appreciate the subtle reminders that we are not always in control of what happens.  However, I find Spring time refreshing and renewing and a time of new beginnings.  

Spring time brings so much wonderment to everything.  Watching the leaves push out of the branches, the flowers popping up (and yes, even the dandelions, I love dandelions!  They were my grandfather's favorite flower because he figured they had to be God's favorite too, why else would he make so many of them.  Seemed like wise words to me growing up. :)), the smell of freshly cut grass, a soft rain, the freshness after a rain,  baby birds chirping for their momma's, everything is so alive.  I try to focus on all these amazing, naturally occurring wonders that we are blessed with and I am thankful for yet another year to witness new growth, new life, new beginnings. 

I am thankful for life, thankful for God's many blessings, 
thankful for the reminder that there are always new beginnings.

Have a beautiful day and remember to count your blessings.

All the best,

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