Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A step (or two) outside of my comfort zone...

Sometimes you need a change, sometimes the change is thrust upon you. 

I have been wanting to branch out from my normal jewelry making with just beads, wire, etc..  Then I received a message from a valued customer asking if I do metal stamping.  Well, funny story, my dear husband bought me everything I needed to get started doing that back in April, but its just something I didn't think I could do (well at), so I brushed it to the side.  So, with this message looking me in the face, I had 1 of 2 options, respond with a 'Sorry, no, I don't do that' OR 'Yes, I do have the tools to do that and Yes, I CAN do that. Can you give me a few days to work on it?'.  The customer was more than happy to give me a few days to work on things.

So, in a fit I scurried to find all my tools that I stashed in my 'other' jewelry tool bag (you know, the one that weighs a ton because it holds the heavy hitters in there ~ hammers, steel mandrels, steel hammering blocks, steel anvil, you get the picture, heavy stuff).  I excitedly and nervously pulled out all my metal stamping tools (to date) and started the trial and error process.  Let's just say some times trial and error can be pricey (and this was definitely a pricey trial and error process), but after 2-3 flubs I seemed to get the idea and started making things easier on myself.  Things were looking POSSIBLE on this project.

Its amazing when you chat with someone about what you are doing what can develop.  In chatting with my father-in-law about my current venture, he offered me his metal hole punch (with a variety of sizes available).  How AWESOME!  A tool I needed and didn't have to buy.  I was like a kid in the candy store and this was better than Gummy Bears!! Have I ever mentioned I LOVE tools?  Well, I do!  Next item on my list, rivot gun! and more metal stamps! I'm digressing, I need to focus.

So, now I have all the tools I need, the metal stamping is coming along nicely and I seemed to have found my way into something other my ordinary beading.  I did finish that project for my customer and she was very pleased.  She requested custom keychains for her anniversary with a penny from the year they got married.  

I think they turned out pretty good.  I'm  now offering these in my Etsy Shop.  You can order them personalized with your name, a single word, penny year of your choosing, etc..

So, since taking this leap last week, I have also started to stretch my wings with another little project along the same lines and will SOON offer them in my Etsy Shop too.

I made this necklace for my Mother-in-law for her birthday.  Necklaces will be listed soon and again, will be a personalized, custom order item.

So, again, sometimes you need a change and sometimes you are thrust into change.  Sometimes its painful and sometimes (most times) you will surprise yourself of what you can actually handle (accomplish).  Stayed tuned for more an exciting things as I travel along this new path of creativity and continue to step outside my comfort zone.

Take care and take step outside your comfort zone!

All the best,

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Summertime all the time...

I know I have been a little remiss in looking after this blog and I will try to get a little better at this with Autumn coming at us.  

Bear with me as this post will be a bit jumpy and cover a lot of stuff they may or may not pertain to jewelry making.  :)

My summer has been full of laughter, adventure, family and down-time.  What my summer hasn't had is a lot of jewelry design.  Its not that I have strayed from jewelry design/making (because I have certainly stocked up on great pieces to create with in the coming months), its just that I needed some time away from, well, anything that seemed fast-paced, pressured or had time frames around it.

Throughout the summer I have enjoyed spending an endless amount of time with my family.  We took our first family vacation in 5 years, have gone to the local amusement park a few times, tons of swimming, enjoyed picnics, local sightseeing, birthday parties and anything else that we found interesting.  Its been a complete joy doing all these things with my family.  The laughter and memories we have created I can't put a price tag on.

During the summer I have also seen a few more of my designs published in Bead Trends magazine.

This bracelet was published in May 2012 Bead Trends.  I named the bracelet 'Karen' after my mother and she is now in possession of this bracelet and a copy of this magazine.

These earrings were published in June 2012 Bead Trends.  Summer Blues, available in my Etsy Shop (

These earrings were published in July 2012 Bead Trends.  Pink Lime Flair.

All photography is courtesy of Bead Trends Magazine (Northridge Publishing).    I love the way they photograph my pieces making them sparkle and look glamorous.  I look forward to seeing my future pieces in print later this year.  

So, with Autumn rushing its way into our lives and my little guy starting kindergarten, you will find me settling into a more routine schedule of designing and making jewelry.  I have been busy scheduling Christmas Markets around the area and will update you all on my schedule in the next few weeks.  Please come back often, visit me on Facebook at and feel free to browse my Etsy Shop at  I do ship worldwide and promptly.

Until the next blog post, have a great day(s) and hold on to these last days of summer as long as you can.

All the best,